Wednesday, February 14, 2018

life affirming

When I make a baby quilt, I go off track in regard to my arty ideas.

Baby quilts are meant to be used and they are automatic heirlooms.
The reverse applique is finished.
The variety of greys are from local plants, the reds are from procion.
Velvet applique in organic cotton.
This one is for my one year old baby, Maia Wren.

It will be saved by her.  Way past my own life time.
I am giving something more than cloth and labour.
More even than my creativity.
I am giving pure love.
the front
It is my fourth grand-child quilt.
the back
put goodness into the world
count on its rippling effect
These baby quilts are personal

and I believe that they have a powerful beauty.
A beauty for the future.
I believe in the future.
I would not be making things without that kind of surety.

Those of us who make things affirm life.
The emotions of caring and hope and love and a little worry are transferred into my work

through touch.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

for the love of craft, an auction

 Kai Chan

Dawn (left)  and Not So Perfect (right)

"the circle in the square structure is to capture the movement of air from the sun, the moon, the stars, day light, night light, our breath and heart beat."

Japanese gampi paper, silver rod, thread.
 Judith Tinkl

White Out
found fabric and buttons
Dorothy Caldwell

Red Clover White Wheat
plant dyed and printed cotton with applique and stitch

One more week to bid online or in person on these and twenty other pieces by Ontario's finest makers. The items are currently on exhibition at the Ontario Craft Gallery 1106 Queen West in Toronto, closing reception 5 - 7 pm February 15.

I've been a member of Craft Ontario for years - almost from their beginning.  My work is included in the organization's promotional video.  I encourage collectors of fine craft to follow this link for further information and to register to bid.  Here.  or here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

life's a beach

Living near the water and sky keeps me in awe of the power and beauty of nature.  Watching the weather seems to put me into a reverie and I find myself pondering life and how fast time goes by.  Manitoulin's famous wildflowers are another source of wonder, and I am learning so much about them as I try to find original ways to paint them. However, my very favourite topic for paintings is my own children.  They are growing up so fast and I love to paint them near the water.  Like all parents I am concerned for their future in a world that is not always so safe or beautiful.

Judith Martin 2002

This winter I have been having more difficulty than usual with blogging.  Three reasons:

1.  I have been making a lot of new work - all in the rough design stage and my mind and heart have been with these new pieces.  Matisse famously said "cut off your tongue" when in the act of making art.,  Perhaps that's why I am at a loss for what to say here.

2.  Every day I've been I doing a little gentle art of swedish death cleaning.  As I go through my stuffed drawers and shelves and toss or give away something every single day, I am finding my past life and am flooded with memories. This explains why some posts are aboout my early work and the importance of motherhood within that work. (For example, the image and statementat the top of this post are from an exhibition I had 15 years ago in the local museum.)

3. I've been working on my left leg.  A yoga class, a swimming class, my phsyio-daily exercises. These things take me away from my work and blog. 

Thank you for continuing to read what I do put up here.  I appreciate your support.

Friday, February 02, 2018

a work in progress

Easily inspired.

I got this quilt top out last week to finish up with batt and backing but changed my mind.

All I really love is the central pinwheel square.
So I removed all the red and stitched it back together much simpler.

In my work I use the same methods again and again,
but each whirl around the spiral gets me closer to my truth
as I do, undo, re-do
(Louise Bourgeois' mantra)

yes, there is a loss of what I knew before
but it's important also to lose what I think I know now

because in order to create something new it is necessary to enter into the unknown

be alert
don't try too hard
go slow  (Agnes Martin's mantra)
I've come back to dots.

I try to make cloths that excite my eye and touch my emotions

it seems to take courage
We are always afraid of falling.  L.B.

Monday, January 29, 2018

my dear friend

only the earth lives forever  judy martin 2008  shirt fragment, paper, thread, painted fabric border, mounted on canvas
whatever you are is what you are
manitoulin barn montage (detail) judy martin 2008  photography, mylar, acryilc marker
wounds, secrets, delights, fears, beauty
all enfolded into the immensity of a loving mystery
bundled journal pages, sealed with hot wax, judy martin 2008

all of you is enough
judy martin 2018

The images of my art are from 2008 digital files (that's ten years ago). 
I thought it would be easy to sort them out, but it's not.

The portrait at the bottom was taken last week.
The text is a fragment from a longer poem by Sudbury poet-artist-friend  Ray Laporte

Monday, January 22, 2018

the left leg moving forward

I make quilts as a way to understand myself.
I start with my own experience and my own dream world.
If you find connections with your experience or your dream world through my work, then I have succeeded in something very special.

My life, my dreams,those moments hidden in every day life, all rise up as I stitch.

I consider things from the point of view of a mother.
Beauty makes us human.
Beauty makes us more aware of what we could do and be.
We are bound together by beauty  (this is an abigail doan idea)
Images in this post are of a new piece that I personally find beautiful.

I stitched it throughout most of 2017, and the handling of it, the looking at it, the touching it repeatedly, made me very happy.  It put me into my dream world then, and it still does when I run my hands and eyes over it.

The Cloud In Me.  New organic cotton with old and new velvet reverse applique.  Washed and dried seven times.  The dark velvet cloth that fills the random holes was a gift, fifty years old at least and some of it dis-integrated in the laundry and was replaced with younger stuff.  The areas of bleeding from the nine dots of pink silk have left a rosy stain in the centre of the piece.  The scribbled loopy lines that catch and distract my eye and fingers just the right amount are embroidered, yes, but they are also quilting stitches and work just as hard to hold the piece together as does the close hand stitched grid. 

(The Cloud In Mhere)

On my walk today I noticed that I still need to chant my steps.

I used to be able to think about other things during this daily walk,
but I am lame since this happened.  I use a cane.  I still have pain.

The left leg moves forward and I count until I get to 100.
Then I stop and stand.  I breathe deeply, and then step to 100 again.
Yesterday I did 400 steps forward, and then came home, 400 more,
Does the huge amount of stitching I do disassociate me from my body?
So that instead of healing me, (as I have claimed) it allows me to ignore my leg
I stitch by my window where it is comfortable, legs up, and watch the birds.
I go into my day dream mind.
My repetitive yet very intelligent hand comforts me as it caresses the cloth
I feel at such peace.
yes, I ignore my body for a while.

The birds come to the feeder.
The snow melts.
The repeated touching of hand stitch connects to a dream world of emotions.
We each have an immensity within and quilts help us dream.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

January Projects

January Project

a baby quilt for Maia
I started with the fun - folk borders
April's working from our house this month.
Photographing her ceramics on the clean snow.
January project

My daily practice 
velvet and flannel on felt

When it was 9 days old it was perfect.
Now it is 18 days old.
January project

a rescue cloth made from a flannel sheet a utility cloth of some sort. .
January Project

A flannel quilt top machine pieced with small dark crosses.  It holds the conversations that April and I are having.

These two large cloths are spread out with a 3rd layer of flannel between,  ready to be basted.
 Cloth and time are my main materials and I continue to trust them.

I ask myself:
What is this material's experience?
January Project

simplifying my life
death cleaning my clutter (book here)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I was waiting I was waiting

By Chance

That's what John Cage said when Anni Albers asked him how he started to find his way in his work.
 so "Don't worry"

says Anni Albers
Images in this post are of two pieces of art that I have in my house this week that will go back to rightful owners soon.

The stitched piece (Beginning with Time), was loaned for an exhibition in Thunder Bay and the painting of pussy willows with text by Anne Michaels needs some repair.